XML Security Library


XML Security Library

XML Security Library is a C library based on LibXML2. The library supports major XML security standards:

XML Security Library is released under the MIT Licence see the Copyright file in the distribution for details.


  • March 24 2013
    The XML Security Library 1.2.19 release adds support for DSA-SHA256, ECDSA-SHA1, ECDSA-SHA224, ECDSA-SHA256, ECDSA-SHA384, ECDSA-SHA512 and fixes a number of miscellaneous bugs.
  • May 11 2011
    The XML Security Library 1.2.18 release fixes a serious crasher. All users are advised to upgraded as soon as possible.
  • March 31 2011
    Changes in XML Security Library 1.2.17 release:
    • Fixed security issue with libxslt (CVE-2011-1425, reported by Nicolas Gregoire).
    • Fixed a number of build configuration problems, pkcs12 file loading, and gcrypt init/shutdown.