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This documentation describes tracker 4.44 .

tracker is a shareware soundtracker player that works on many different architectures.

It is now forbidden to redistribute tracker as a stand-alone program. I'm fed up of getting incomplete bug-reports. Be sure to at least include the documentation with your versions, and full directions to get back to the source.


For any bug-report, don't forget to include full version information including

As I am a lazy person, this file tends to change more slowly than the tracker program itself. Some options may no longer exist, some may have been added. Many things may be different. I mainly try to get out a working, efficient reasonably bug-free program. If I manage to write corresponding docs, fine! If I don't, tough luck! Anyhow, looking at the source file should provide you with enough insight for everything.

Copyright (C) 1995 Marc Espie.

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