Rudiments is a C++ class library for developing systems and applications.

With Rudiments, you can develop systems and applications using intuitive frameworks,
lightweight data structures, and comprehensive utility classes.


Intuitive Frameworks - processes and threads, clients and servers, parsers, loggers, and compilers
Comprehensive Utility Classes - command line, environment, encryption, random numbers, regular expressions...
Data Structures - buffers, arrays, linked lists, and dictionaries

Lightweight Implementation - tight wrappers, minimal reinvention
C++ As a Better C - shallow heirachies, few templates, familiar paradigms, but object oriented
Compatibility - Linux, Unix, Windows... x64, x86, ARM, Sparc, Mips, PPC... glibc, uClibc...


Rudiments is currently under active development.

The API is somewhat unstable.
New classes get added from time-to-time.
Refactoring occurs regularly.
The programming guide is incomplete.


Installing Rudiments


Rudiments Programming Guide
Rudiments Class Reference