James Clark:
The father of Jade. James made the first version called Jade. He was instrumental to the idea of a single set of flow objects and multiple backend formats. James carried the Jade project for several years until it became a group project and got renamed OpenJade. He is no longer participating to the OpenJade project but his spirit still and will always remain with us. He created most of the Openjade code and the SGML/XML and the RTF backends. But it is shorter to tell what he didn't do than what he did :-)
Matthias Clasen:
I am an old-time LaTeX user and a scheme lover. My first jade hacking experience was trying to use dsssl to produce properly formatted indexes, realizing the need for language-dependent string sorting. That code is now part of OpenJade. Since I think that the full power of DSSSL can only be explored with a reasonably complete implementation, I am working to fill the gaps in jade's coverage of the standard.
Avi Kivity:
I stumbled on Jade after attempts to format SGML documents using C++ proved too cumbersome. I was impressed by the power of DSSSL and the functional programming style, which I hadn't used before. My main interest is fully-integrated backends; that is, formatters which do the layout themselves and do not depend on external layout engines like TeX or Word. I also maintain the CVS repository and perform builds and releases.
Didier PH Martin:
I encountered Jade simply by browsing to find new ways to process XML/SGML documents. I had to learn it without a book and with minimal documentation. The more I know about this environment the more I learn to appreciate it. This is why, I am a fervant advocate of DSSSL, OpenJade and work hard to provide to members of the OpenJade community, a rich environment, an adequate documentation, a future to this language.

After more than 20 years in the computer business, I still enjoy creating and learning. As a canadian member of the ISO Document Description and Processing Languages comittee, my goal is to make a DSSSL-2 possible reality.

Peter Nilsson:
The man behind braifo.
Sebastian Ratz:
You have a question about Tex? Sebastian is the right guy to answer to your question. He created the Tex backend processor with David and Kathleen.
Kathleen Marszalek:
She is the bee, working hard and methodical. She created the Tex and MIF backends with other members of the team.
Paul Prescod:
Paul has always a good comment to bring to the table. He created the MIF backend with Kathleen.
David Megginson:
An other fellow canadian that is bringing every day to the XML community ideas, new code, its commitment. He created the Tex backend with Kathleen and Sebastian.