Jade autoconf support

(originally by Cees de Groot cg@sgmltools.org)

With ./configure, you'll have an alternate method to prepare the source distribution for building. This support is experimental, and I'd like to receive feedback and patches for your operating system. If a build with autoconf doesn't work, you can always revert to the original Makefile which is saved by configure to Makefile.dist. make mrproper will undo everything that has been modified by ./configure.


% ./configure; make; make install

configure options

Print a full list of options. This document only deals with the non-standard options.
This enables the built-in HTTP client so that you can use HTTP as a method for getting to system identifiers.
Provide the built-in definition for SGML_CATALOG_FILES.
Provide a built-in definition for SGML_SEARCH_PATH.
Don't build the MIF backend.
Don't build the HTML backend.

Local defines

If you have some extra additions to OpenJade, you can set CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS and/or LDFLAGS/LIBS at configure time:

CXXFLAGS=-Dmyhacks LDFLAGS=-L/opt/myhacks LIBS=-lmyhacks ./configure

Check the invocation of ld in Makefile.comm for the exact semantics of LDFLAGS and LIBS.

Tested platforms

Shared library support

By default, ./configure attempts to build shared libraries and link against them. This is done via the libtool utility, a utility that knows how to build shared libraries on a number of platforms.

By default, only shared libraries are built. If you have difficulties building shared libraries, or you want to build static versions, you can use the --{enable,disable}{shared,static} options to configure libtool to your likings.

According to the libtool 1.2 docs, shared libraries work on:

One more note from the libtool documentation: the HP/UX sed seems to be badly broken, install GNU sed before attempting to build - libtool depends on a working sed.