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Note: if possible, please do not contact developers directly, but proceed as mentioned in the contact page.

LAME was originally developed by Mike Cheng, from 1998 to 1999. After he retired, the project started being maintained by Mark Taylor till early 2003. After 2003, the project became managed by core developpers' teamwork, with no official hierarchy or leadership.

The following list only represents some of the individuals (in alphabetical order of family name) that contributed resources to LAME development. LAME owes its quality and speed to contributions from many other people, including the many people who post to the mp3encoder mailing list. See History for more complete details.

Primary developers:
Robert Hegemann Tuning, optimizations, psychoacoustics...
Alexander Leidinger Multiplatform configuration, libraries handling, release management...
Rogério Brito Debian packaging, debugging.
Primary developers - Retired:
Gabriel Bouvigne Tuning, optimizations, psychoacoustics...
Mike Cheng Maintainer of LAME v2.x.
Frank Klemm Psychoacoustics, optimizations.
Naoki Shibata Psychoacoustics (NSPsytune model, NSSafeJoint).
Mark Taylor Maintainer of LAME v3.x, initial implementer of GPsycho psychoacoustic model.
Takehiro Tominaga Psychoacoustics, bitstream, optimizations, assembly code...
Additional developers:
Roberto Amorim Web pages and documentation.
John Dahlstrom Adaptive ATH.
John Dee LAME extended VBR header.
Dominique Duvivier Speed optimizations.
Albert Faber Author of CDex and lame_enc.dll.
Peter Gubanov LAME DirectShow Filter.
Guillaume Lessard  
Steve Lhomme LAME ACM codec.
Don Melton id3v1 and v2 code.
Darin Morrison Presets tuning.
Kyle VanderBeek Python bindings, website clean-up.