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Looking for: Help writing the Perl and Java interfaces for both the client and server APIs.

Questions and comments may be sent either to the author or post a message the newsgroup comp.client-server, or join the mailing list by emailing listserver@ddsi with the message "subscribe isectd".

bug warning: making the distribution on a system without an ANSI compiler fails. The bug has already been fixed in an upcoming version of automake. The work-around is to comment out configure.in's "AC_EXEEXT" and "AC_OBJEXT" statements on systems that don't require them (everybody but Windows and OS/2). It hasn't been reported to be a problem on these systems, however.

What is isectd?

isectd is an open-source middleware daemon that simplifies the implementation of distributed processing and client-server systems. Using a familiar file IO-like programmer's interface it makes multi-tier programming as easy as reading and writing.

Isect is short for intersect, a kind of table required in relational databases to express many-to-many relationships. Distributed processing implements process-oriented many-to-many relationships: many clients communicating with many services. If it's mathmatically required for data relationships then it's mathmatically required for process relationships! This is the proof--and the reason you need isectd.

Learn More about the Isect Daemon!

Isect, and its flagship product, the Isect Daemon (isectd), have been used for all kinds of systems, from real-time market data delivery to transaction processing and proprietary print servers.

Isect's middleware has been successfully ported to Linux 2.x, Solaris 2.x, AIX 4.3, Digital Unix (Tru64) and is currently being ported to OS/2 and HP-UX. Isectd is available under the GPL and the libraries under the LGPL.

Please allow us the opportunity to introduce you to the Isect daemon by visiting the following:

NOTE: the documentation here is more up-to-date than the documentation in the distribution. I hesitate creating new distributions just to incorporate documentation changes.

For more information, send email to tgagne@ix.netcom.com.

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