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What's new in 3.2 (Friday, 9 July 2004)
o Fixed bug introduced in 3.0 with frame values for popup triggers that
  caused repainting problems.
o Updated NAVIGATION resource documentation
o Modified header file generation to not output a new file when the header
  file that would be output is identical to one that already exists.
o Added NOGRAFFITISTATEINDICATOR keyword that is used to tell PilRC
  that a form intentionally has no GSI and that it should not warn
  about it being missing.
o Added "#undef FOO".
o Regardless of the native line termination, accepts text files with either
  native, DOS (CR-LF), Unix (LF), or Macintosh (CR) line termination.
o Changed parsing of WORDLIST, LONGWORDLIST, and BYTELIST to allow
  expressions.  If you need to specify a negative number, you can use
  parenthesis around the number to prevent the minus sign from being
  interpreted incorrectly.
o Fixed relative positioning based on the size of a Graffiti State Indicator

What's new in 3.1 (Wednesday, 31 December 2003)
o Form objects defined with AUTO width were made too wide by PilRC 3.0; this
  bug is now fixed and the original widths restored
o FONTFAMILY emits a warning if e.g. a double density glyph is not precisely
  double the size of the corresponding single density glyph
o FONTFAMILY now requires a FONTID to be specified, just as FONT does
  (this is an incompatible change; previous FONTFAMILYs are now syntax errors)
o "#define FOO" defines FOO to 0 by default rather than being a syntax error

What's new in 3.0 (Monday, 22 December 2003)
o Enhanced bitmap family support
  - 108dpi (1.5x) and 144dpi (2x) density support
  - Handspring PalmRC bitmap syntax support
  - Unified bitmap parser
o Transparency implemented for PBM/PGM/PPM/PNM files
o .pbitm files now generate type 1 bitmaps (suitable for use in families)
  rather than type 0 bitmaps
o Accepts #error, #line, and "linemarkers" as emitted by the GNU preprocessor
o Predefines the preprocessor symbols __rcp__ and __PILRC__
o Supports #defines for strings
o All text strings now support line continuation
o FONTFAMILY resource support
o NAVIGATION resource support (useful for the PalmOne Treo 600)
o Palm OS 5 "LE32" resource format support
o MENU SEPARATOR now supports an ID field to allow you to match PalmRez 
  menu formats
o New Warnings
  - resources too large
  - icon bitmap sizes don't follow PalmSource specifications
  - forms with edit fields lack Graffiti State Indicator
o Many miscellaneous bug fixes

What's new in 2.9p4 
o pilrc.spec update 
- as per http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=492349 
o BITMAP: direct color compression 
- removed flag to disable correction (missing from 2.9) 
o added -ts flag to set timestamp on -ro file generation (POSIX only)
o adjustments to code to handle VALUE tag correctly 
o -noIFIH option added support of Parse includes files in header files
o resources : 'hsbd', 'locs', 'fnti', 'silk', 'cnty', 'feat', 'tkbd',
              'fntm', 'ttli', 'csli', 'ttbl', 'tSCH'
  are now Palm internal use only
o -AppIcon68K option added Palm internal use only
o -amdc option added Palm internal use only
o Bug correction in graphical control bitmap
o GADGET addition
- support for "extended" flag 

What's new in 2.9 (Thu, 22 Feb 2002)
o added "-ro" option
- resources are bundled into a prc database (instead of .bin) !yay!
- DEFAULT: cr8r: 'pRES' type: 'RESO' name: same as filename
  o ability to custom specify the above using -creator -type and -name 
o recursive includes (32-level deep) now supported
o added src2unix.sh script, to strip ^M chars for UN*X users
  - fixed to be "older unix" friendly
o added srcindent.sh script, to indent all source files using indent tool
o fixed strdup complaints
o updated documentation (POPUPLIST example)
o added support for non-32bit operating systems (alpha etc)
o configure.in can decide if pilrcui is built
o VC++ error/warning message syntax fix
o added source migration support for CW_PLUGIN (for neil) :P
o pilrcui compiles once again
  - code assumes BA16 resource types (m68k resources), someone wanna fix?
o misc documentation fixes
o slider defaults of (MIN=0, MAX=100, PAGESIZE=10, VALUE=50) implemented
o pre-processor madness fixup - no more misuse of ## operator
o add new resources:
  - 'locs' (locales)
  - 'hsbd' (hardSoftButtonDefault)
  - 'pref' (sysAppPref)
o solved bug in LIST parsing (problem reported by Laurent Dutour)
o bug correction in COUNTRYLOCALIZATION
o locale support
o bug correction in 'tint' 'tkbd' and 'TRAP'
  - specify custom palettes to "map" source bitmap to for output
  - use palette resource to set current display palette
o -NoEllipsis option added
o bug correction(s) in LIST
o bug correction(s) in FONT
o time stamp update for -ro [to use real time]
o fixed default button-id for alerts
o misc fixes for CW_PLUGIN (for neil)
o BITMAP fix
  - compression now support for 16bpp images [thanks mr. mcrazor]

What's new in 2.8 (Tue, 1 May 2001)
o added new resources
- [MOST ARE SYSTEM USE ONLY], see doc/manual.html for more information
o ID generation consistancy fixes
- ie: VERSION ID 1 "1.0", VERSION 1 "1.0" and VERSION "1.0" should work
- restore's old behaviour to maintain compatibility in older sample code
o SLIDER changes
- fix warnings for sliders, no longer complain when legal :))
o error message fix
- adjust include file messing error to have line # printed :)
o DATA change
- such that the data file can be found in include directories specified
o added -LE32 flag, generate little endian 32bit compatible resources (ARM, NT)
o various bugfixes et al :P

What's new in 2.7b  (Thu, 08 Feb 2001)
o BITMAP*, ICON* changes
- added support 16, 24 and 32bpp .bmp files :)
- compression is NOT available for 16bpp bitmap resources at this point
o DATA parsing error
- if a "" file name was passed, it crashed. fixed it
o TABLE emitting error
- extra word written out, causing problems *tut tut* :P
- table widths were being corrupted seriously
o added .rpm spec file

What's new in 2.7a  (Fri,  5 Jan 2001)
o compile bugfix for xwin.c :P (sorry X11 guys) :P

What's new in 2.7   (Fri,  5 Jan 2001)
o BITMAP*, ICON* changes
- complete overhaul of bitmap.c :P (boy, that was fun)
- dynamic file specification (no longer require fixed 4 file names)
  ie: BITMAPFAMILY ID 1000 "1bpp.bmp" "2bpp.bmp" COMPRESS
  ie: ICONFAMILY "1bpp.bmp" "2bpp.bmp"
      - will generate bitmap family with 1bpp and 2bpp bitmaps
- 16bpp, 24bpp and 32bpp bitmap support YAY!
o tint resource support
o added 3.5 user interface controls
- controls now have graphical attributes (as per 3.5 resource definition)
- new SLIDER control
o added LAUNCHERCATEGORY resource
o added -allowEditID option
- no more warnings for people using IDs 10000-10007 (for edit menus)
o changed non 15x9 small icon resource to generate a warning instead of error
o added ability to override the "default" icon ID values
- ie: ICON ID 1000 "..."
- warnings NOT given about sizes for icon resources that are not 1000/1001
o added ability to override the "default" type for Bitmap resources
- ie: BITMAP "SBmp" ID 1000 "..."
o include paths can be applied to string files in addition to image paths
o MANUAL addemdum/errata
* Palm Computing (France Office) R&D
- experimental ARM resource generation (subject to change, DO NOT use)

What's new in 2.6   (Mon, 30 Oct 2000)
o added -D MACRO(=VAL) option
- provide support for "pre-processor" like symbols for use with #ifdef
- support for 16 color graphics on IIIc and other color devices
o updated RGBToColorIndex
- reversed the color location algorithm to identify (0,0,0) as index 255
o minor parsing fixes here and there :)
- comments, one small fix in lex.c (from Wes himself)
o MANUAL errata

What's new in 2.5c  (Thu, 29 Jun 2000)
o ICON*, SMALLICON*, BITMAP* adjustments:
- monochrome, 16 color and 256 color bitmaps are converted as needed

What's new in 2.5b9 (Wed, 28 Jun 2000)
o tSTL resource support
o xwin.c: remove deprecated GtkMenuFactory() usage 
o PilRC example:
- tSTL demonstration added
o MANUAL additions

What's new in 2.5b8 (Fri, 23 Jun 2000)
o conditional compilation support!
- #ifdef, #ifndef, #else, #endif
o MANUAL errata

What's new in 2.5b7 (Sun, 18 Jun 2000)
o PalmRC compatability (merging)
- support for HEX tag 
- support for DATA tag 
o MANUAL errata

What's new in 2.5b6 (Sat, 10 Jun 2000)
* PilRC licensing issues - please READ
o VC++ error/warning message syntax fix
o VC++ compilation error fixes
o MANUAL errata

What's new in 2.5b5 (Wed,  7 Jun 2000)
o updated "example" for prc-tools 2.0
o VERSION tag ID defaults to 1 if NONE supplied
o -V option to generate M$ (VS-type error/warning output) 
o PNM support added
o .java -> multiple depth "package" definitions
o RGB -> System Palette(s) fixed 
  - 1bpp palette definition adjusted to "standard"

What's new in 2.5b4 (Tue,  6 Jun 2000)
* PilRC website location change (please update everyone)
* http://www.ardiri.com/index.cfm?redir=palm&cat=pilrc
o autoconf + automake support
o MANUAL overhaul (finally)
o RGB -> System Palette(s) fixed 
  - no more inverted 4bpp bitmaps
o VC++ compilation errors fixes
o Japanese Language "shift jis" handling bugfix
o Bugfixes

What's new in 2.5b3 (Wed, 13 Apr 2000)
o TRANSPARENTINDEX added to ICON and BITMAP configuration
o RGB -> System Palette(s) implemented 
  - no more inverted 1bpp bitmaps (outputed from xv etc)
o COLORTABLE support added for ICONS
o Warning messages now in GNU format (for parsing by IDE's)
o ICONFAMILY requires that 1bpp bitmap exists
  - application launcher must have AT LEAST 1bpp bitmaps

What's new in 2.5b2 (Mon, 11 Apr 2000)
o PBM, PPM, PGM image support (1bpp, 2bpp, 4bpp and color)
  - "ppmquant" palette files added to match PalmOS palettes
o NOSAVEBEHIND (forms) option now working correctly :P
o BITMAP transparency support added
o .BMP color table entries can be VARIABLE (not 1, 16 or 256)
o Japanese Language "shift jis" handling bugfix
o Korean Language support
o Error messages now in GNU format (for parsing by IDE's)
o Bugfixes

What's new in 2.5b1 (Tue, 8 Feb 2000)
o ICONFAMILY, BITMAPFAMILY fixes (optional bitmap depths)

What's new in 2.5a
o ParseDumpString bug fix

What's new in 2.5
* MAINTENANCE of PilRC passed onto Aaron Ardiri (ardiri@palmgear.com)
* http://www.hig.se/~ardiri/development/palmIII/pilrc/index.html
o COLOR support!
o *GREY, *GREY16 and *FAMILY resources added for Bitmap/Icon resources

What's new in 2.4
o Category support
o default button in alerts
o Longer lists allowed.

What's new in 2.3a
o Compilation fix for *nix users

What's new in 2.3
o Parens supported in expressions
o Font resources
o No limit on the number of forms.
o Comments anywhere in the .rcp file
o C style /* */ comments.
o Support for Hebrew, Japense and Chinese fonts. (-Fh, -Fj and -F5 and -Fg)
o Support for 'XXXX' hex constants
o Support for -rtl flag and | operator (for BiDi Hebrew)
o Support for Bold12 fonts
o FILE keyword for STRING 
o Menu width calculation fixes

What's new in 2.2
o Support for Small Icons (finally!)
o Changed system ID conflict error to warning.

What's new in 2.0a
o SCROLLBAR removed for FIELDS -- it broke normal SCROLLBAR controls

What's new in 2.0
o Support for greyscale bitmaps (BITMAPGREY). 
  For a 2bpp Win* drawing routines, check out ScumbySoft's Win2 2bpp library.
o CENTER@ allows you to specify x or y coordinate to center contr
o RIGHT@ and BOTTOM@ specifies left/top coordinate.
o Bug fixes with AUTO, FONT 6.

What's new in 1.9
o ID id.n for controls may be replaced by AUTOID. 
  PilRC will autoassign ids when AUTOID is specified. 
o PilRCUI now works with XWindows (xwin.c). main() moved to main.c 
o OS/2 makefile included (makefile.os2). 
o Support for TRAP resources for writing HackMaster system extensions.

What's new in 1.8
o Fixed some bad bugs in scrollbar generation
o Fixed bug in duplicate control detection code.

What's new in 1.7
o Incorporated code to read PBM, PBITM, and XBM bitmaps.
o Bitmap compression may be specified (COMPRESS, AUTOCOMPRESS, NOCOMPRESS).
o Automatic ID assignment (-H command line option)
o Support for new PalmOS 2.0 scrollbar control

What's new in 1.6
o Fixed bug that prevented it from working on non Intel platforms 

What's new in 1.5
o Now checks for duplicate form, menu, string, alert and form object ids
o Also checks for invalid ids (not in 0..9999)

What's new in 1.4
o New -R command line argument: emits .res files 
o New -q command line argument: Quiet mode -- less noisy output
o Sample .c file now builds and loads correctly on Pilots

What's new in 1.3
o Support for .java include files
o New BITMAP and ICON commands convert Windows .BMP files to pilot bitmaps
o Sample .rcp file, .c and .asm files with examples for each control type
o New -I command line argument to specify include search paths
o Updated user manual
o Bug fixes