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PilRC official
PilRC is maintained by the PilRC development team and is available free of charge. Please read the "LICENSE.TXT" file in the PilRC distribution to understand any issues pertaining to the modification and distribution of PilRC.

Download Now: SourceForge download site (binaries and sources)

PilRC CodeWarrior PlugIn
Neil Rhodes has created a PilRC plugin for the CodeWarrior compiler environment for both Macintosh and Windows. More information on its documentation and usage can be found at the following website:

Download Now: .sit (Mac PlugIn)   .zip (Windows PlugIn)

The CodeWarrior PlugIn is managed seperately by Neil Rhodes and may not be as recent as the "latest" version of the main PilRC distribution. Please direct all questions about the PilRC CodeWarrior PlugIn directly to Neil.