David Helder


for GNet 2.0.8

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This manual documents GNet, a network library. It gives an overview of GNet, discusses examples that come with GNet, and includes detailed documentation of the GNet API.

GNet Overview
GNet for developers
Compiling programs with GNet
Tips and tricks
Hiding blocking
GNet Examples
echoclient and echoserver
dnslookup, hash, hfetch, hostinfo, and SDR
GNet Library Reference
GNet — GNet utility functions and macros
InetAddr — Internet Address
TCP — TCP socket
UDP — UDP socket
Mcast — IP Multicast socket
GConnHttp — HTTP connection object
Conn — TCP connection object
Server — TCP server object
IOChannel — GIOChannel utility functions
URI — Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)
Base64 — Base64 encoding and decoding
Pack — Byte packing and unpacking functions
MD5 — MD5 hash
SHA — SHA hash
Unix — Unix socket
IPv6 — IPv6 policy functions