GeneWeb - Server or CGI

When it is launched, "gwd" is a server. Normally, the third address: "http://computer:2317/base" is the one to use for external people.

Nevertheless, this applies only to computers visible from outside, i.e. only the ones directly connected to Internet.

If you use a provider, your computer is not visible. In this case, there is no solution. It is the provider's responsibility to install GeneWeb. At the time I am writing these lines (Oct 98), I think that no provider installed it.

Thus, the following concerns only the ones who have a direct connection to Internet.

If you are under Unix or Windows NT (thus not Windows 95), you had to enter the computer as a user, giving your login name and your password. Maybe you want to log out without that GeneWeb stops.

You have then two solutions to resolve this problem: installation in "service" and installation in "cgi".

Installation in "service"

In this functioning mode, you do not need that a Web server be installed in your computer. Gwd is a Web server itself. Its only difference with other servers is that it serves only genealogy.

Installation in "cgi"

In this functioning mode, a Web server must be running on your computer. "Cgi"s are programs that the Web server can launch. Only the system administrator is authorized to add "cgi"s. You must ask him/her beforehand.

Installation in "service" or in "cgi"?

If you have the choice of installing it in "service" or in "cgi", please note the following points:

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