GeneWeb - Maintenance

This part indicates some important "tricks" for the maintenance of your databases.

If you use gwsetup, you can do these operation with it. The below method is about the approach by interactive commands.

1. Cleaning

When you modify your database with your navigator, some small problems can emerge:

The base should then be cleaned.

2. Renaming

The databases GeneWeb are directories with the extension ".gwb". If you simply change the name of the directory "bar.gwb" into "foo.gwb", your base which was named "bar" is named "foo".

To do this, you have the choice between windows of icons, if your system has one of them, or interactive commands.

3. Back up

The computers are not absolute reliable machines. It is important to back up your data from time to time, by copying them on another support (diskettes for example).

It can also be interesting to keep intermediate versions to return to old versions.

To back up the base "foo", simply make a copy of the directory "foo.gwb" on the other support (or elsewhere on the disc if you wish simply to keep it as intermediate version).

But there is a more clever way to backup: save rather your base as source files. For the base "foo", type, in a window of interactive commands:

     gwu foo >
And copy the file "" on the other support or elsewhere on the disc. You can also give him another name (but always with the extension ".gw") for your filing.

The backup as ".gw" files has several advantages:

To restore the base "foo" starting from the file "", type:

     gwc -o foo

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