A Documentation System for C, C++, IDL and Java

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Welcome to the wonderful world of DOC++

DOC++ is a documentation system for C, C++, IDL and Java generating both, TeX output for high quality hardcopies and HTML output for sophisticated online browsing of your documentation. The documentation is extracted directly from the C/C++/IDL header/source files or Java class files.

Here is a list of highlights:

For an introduction to the philosophy of DOC++ go on reading the Introduction. If you want to jump right into using DOC++ on your sources go to section Quickstart. Section Reference Manual provides you a complete manual on the features provided DOC++. If you have problems using DOC++ you should consult our Frequently Asked Questions. If you first want to look at some output of DOC++, don't do anything at all, you are just reading an example. An example for some dummy C++ classes can be found in Example.


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