GraphicsMagick Utilities

GraphicsMagick provides a powerful command line utility gm, which may be used to access all GraphicsMagick functions. Gm uses a consistent set of options (see options documentation). GraphicsMagick provides access to major commands via a single executable command-line program; for example, to use the "convert" sub-command, type gm convert .... The available commands are as follows:

animate Animate a sequence of images
batch Executes an arbitary number of utility commands
benchmark Measure and report utility command performance.
compare Compare two images using statistics and/or visual differencing
composite Composite images together
conjure Execute a Magick Scripting Language (MSL) XML script
convert Convert an image or sequence of images
display Display an image on a workstation running X
identify Describe an image or image sequence
import Capture an application or X server screen
mogrify Transform an image or sequence of images
montage Create a composite image (in a grid) from separate images
time Time the execution of a utility command.
version Report GraphicsMagick version, features, and build options.

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