GraphicsMagick Programming Interfaces

GraphicsMagick capabilities may be accessed from many languages and scripting environments via programming APIs as shown in the following table:

Language Description
C Core C language API for the lowest-level core programming interface.
C Wand C language API for the mid-level Wand API programming interface.
C++ Magick++ provides an abstract object-oriented C++ interface.
Lua The gm.Image API provides an interface to GraphicsMagick's Wand API.
node.js Graphicsmagick for node.js provides server-side support for Javascript programming with node.js.
PHP Gmagick provides a small and fast extension for PHP.
Perl PerlMagick provides an object-oriented Perl interface.
Python PgMagick provides the power and ease of the C++ API, but in Python.
Ruby RMagick provides a Ruby language extension
Tcl/Tk TclMagick provides a scripting environment based on Tcl or Tcl/Tk.
Windows .NET GraphicsMagick.NET provides a Windows .NET programming interface, allowing use of GraphicsMagick features via a stand-alone package.
Windows OLE The ImageMagickObject OLE control supports utility-style access via a COM+ object.

Some of these languages and scripting environments are supported by the GraphicsMagick Group while others are developed and supported by third parties.

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