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The source distribution of GraphicsMagick as well as pre-compiled binaries are available at the sites listed here (unless otherwise noted). At the moment, the fastest way to obtain formal releases is from the SourceForge Download page since SourceForge has lots of bandwidth, and many mirror sites. Snapshot packages should usually be retrieved from the GraphicsMagick FTP site or one of its mirrors. There are mirrors of the ftp site in Czechoslovakia and Poland.

Ftp Site Organization

The organization of the GraphicsMagick directory on ftp sites is as follows:

GraphicsMagick FTP

Contains the core GraphicsMagick sources in a file named similar to GraphicsMagick-1.3.tar.bz2, GraphicsMagick-1.3.tar.gz, or GraphicsMagick-1.3.tar.xz. These core sources are sufficient to compile a minimal GraphicsMagick on a Unix system (including MacOS-X), or under the Cygwin and MinGW environments for Windows. Additional development packages need to be installed in advance to support formats like JPEG and PNG.


Add on third-party libraries and applications which extend the formats supported by GraphicsMagick may be obtained from this directory. Windows users can usually ignore the contents of this directory since all common delegates are included in the Windows source and binaries packages.


Linux source RPM (SRPM) packages for Red Hat Linux, other Linux systems, or any system with RPM installed, may be found here.


Snapshots (between releases) copies of GraphicsMagick may be found here. New snapshots may be cut every few days as time permits. Quality may vary (but is usually excellent).


Installable binary packages and the extended source code package for use with Microsoft Visual C++ (including configured delegates and a Visual C++ workspace) may be found here.

Download Sites

Here are some known download sites for GraphicsMagick:

SourceForge file download (http protocol)

Czechoslovakian ftp mirror (http protocol)

Polish ftp mirror via ftp (ftp protocol)

Polish ftp mirror via http (http protocol)

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