Installing GraphicsMagick

Executive Summary

GraphicsMagick provides a comprehensive collection of utilities, programming interfaces, and GUIs, to support file format conversion, image processing, and 2D vector rendering.

GraphicsMagick is originally based on ImageMagick from ImageMagick Studio (which was originally written by John Cristy at Dupont). The goal of GraphicsMagick is to provide the highest quality product possible while encouraging open and active participation from all interested developers. The GraphicsMagick usage license is designed to allow it to be used for any application, including proprietary or GPLed applications. Please see the file Copyright.txt for the GraphicsMagick licence.


The master ftp site for GraphicsMagick distributions is Bandwidth on this site is very limited, so it is recommended to download from SourceForge at if possible.

GraphicsMagick is a continual work in progress. The very latest code is available via the Mercurial distributed source control management tool ( GraphicsMagick may be retrieved via the following command:

hg clone GM

Mercurial provides a complete stand-alone repository which contains the full history of the GraphicsMagick project. You may use the cloned repository for your own purposes related to GraphicsMagick (e.g. manage local GraphicsMagick changes), and can easily pull GraphicsMagick updates from the main repository whenever you like.


Open the file index.html in a web browser, or refer to the gm(1) manual page. Also read the GraphicsMagick frequently asked questions in the file www/FAQ.html.


GraphicsMagick may be compiled from source code for virtually any modern Unix system (including Linux and MacOS X) and Microsoft Windows. Installation instructions may be found in the following files (or their HTML equivalents):

Add-On Libraries & Programs

To further enhance the capabilities of GraphicsMagick, you may want to get these programs or libraries. Note that these packages are already integrated into the GraphicsMagick Mercurial repository for use when building under Microsoft Windows:

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